Rev. Bob, as an I.I.M., is only here for 2018, so it is not practical for him to start anything that would depend upon him supplying the energy to keep it going.  However, he will be posting ideas here that may enthuse others to take up and organise, and will offer resources to help others bring their ideas to fruition.

Readers may have noticed, over their many years in the church, that the initiatives that take off and become long-term, effective ministries in a congregation usually do not come from the minister, but from lay members who are passionate about something, and their passion is ‘caught’ by others who are encouraging and supportive.

One of the best things that we could do in this year of transition is to cultivate fertile ground for people to ‘grow’ those aspects of ministry about which they have enthusiasm. A good example was last year’s Garden Sale.  It arose from the zeal of one person, and others rallied around her to make it a success. Not only was it a success, it was probably fun for those who took part as well. This is how the church works at its best.

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