Why Study the Bible?

One might think the answer is obvious.  We are Christians, and since the Bible is normative for the church, it is important to know what is in it.

But given that most Christians don’t study the Bible, and probably don’t even read it regularly, I think it is necessary to find another, more persuasive answer. Yes, the Bible gives us insight on the Jesus we claim to follow, and this can be all very interesting, but is it necessary? People have been good church members, done many admirable good works in God’s name, created caring fellowships, and become quite content without studying the Bible. In one way or another, they find answers to the their questions and solutions to their problems, without resorting to unraveling the mysteries posed by detailed exegesis of Scripture.

This study certainly satisfies those who are interested in following the life journey of Jesus from an academic point of view, but more importantly, it is designed to help them understand themselves and their own journeys. There is nothing more important, for this is what Jesus meant by doing the will of God, and doing the will of God is the only way to the Kingdom of God and the life Jesus called ‘eternal’.

Understanding Jesus’ spiritual journey is not absolutely necessary for successfully navigating one’s own, but it sure helps.

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