“Son of Man” Responses

LORD OF THE SABBATH  (Bible Hub, pg. 53 – Mk. 2:23-28 and parallels)

Mt. & Lk follow what source document? – Document Mark

Except where? – Mt.12:5-8 & Lk. 6:2

What would account for its omission by Mt.12:8 & Lk ? considered too radical 

What would account for Mt.12:5-7? Matthew’s agenda with his Jewish audience

Who is criticised in Mk.2:25 and parallels? the disciples

What kind of answer does Jesus give in response? historical precedence

What is the Sabbath? a day of rest, set aside for God 

Who originated it? – God via Moses via 10 commandments

Why? – to provide a day of rest and to make space in busy lives for spiritual practices that would help create well-being

What do you hear Jesus saying in Mk.2:27? ‘Get your priorities right’

Do you think it is authentic?  Why? – yes, one of the criteria for judging authenticity is how how radical it is. In this case, it goes against the religious institution, and would have required courage to say it, and it would not have been recorded and passed on unless it was genuine.

Is Jesus appealing to his own authority of an inherent principle? – an inherent principle underpinning the law.

Does Jesus make human beings the measure of all things?  Himself? – human beings: “the sabbath was made for man…”, so human beings choose. This is an issue of the riskiness of individual responsibility vs. the security of laws.

If it is authentic, then what does ‘Son of Man’ represent? – human in concert with will of God

Codex in Luke says, “Blessed are you if you know what you are doing; cursed if you do not;” i.e., it is a demand for consciousness.

What does Mt.12:5-7 do to the implied meaning of Son of Man in verse 8 compared to Mk. & Lk.?  – makes it into a messianic title.

What would be inner institutions in us? – religious, political & moral beliefs,’shoulds’ implanted by our parents, unconscious defences

Write about an inner institution that acts upon you. 

Mime each of the above with, and then without, connecting with the Son of Man. (You may have sensed the Son of Man supplies a resource.  Where does it seem to come from?)

OPINION OF THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS (Bible Hub, pg.66 – Mk.3:22-30 and parallels. Also see pg. 108)

In Mt.12:24, what are the scribes saying about Jesus? in league with the devil

What is Jesus’ response? – it’s illogical

What are the implications of Mt.12:32 for the phrase, ‘Son of Man’? the Holy Spirit is greater or more perfect than the Son of Man

What do you hear Jesus saying in this verse?He could be referring to a particular someone, perhaps himself, which would be expected of Matthew, given his theological agenda

In what aspects of life would one speak against the Son of Man? – ignoring the capacity to discern good and evil, following one’s baser instincts.



What does the man want? – he wants to follow Jesus

What is his perception of Jesus? – a model to emulate; the Son of Man in his own psyche recognises itself in Jesus

What is Jesus’ reply? – If you follow me, you are going to be led on a journey without security

What does ‘Son of Man’ represent here?one who would follow Jesus’ way

Where does the man want to lay his head? on Jesus?


STANDARDS OF GREATNESS (Bible Hub, pg.93,94 – Mk.10:33-45 and parallels)

In Mk.10:35-37 and parallels, what do the disciples want? – status, recognition

Where do they want this? in the Kingdom of God

So what do they see Jesus representing?a political (kingly) messiah

What does Jesus respond in Mk.10:38? “are you able to drink the cup I must drink …?”

What does he mean? – are you up to the suffering that comes with following the Son of Man? 

Note the phrase in Mk.10:45 is not in Luke. From where might it have come? – this seems  to refer to Jesus death, and hence would be unlikely to have come from Jesus. More likely, it comes from a liturgical usage of the early church

What is the role of ‘Son of Man’ as used in Mt. & Mk.? a servant

Why does the Son of Man serve in the world? as a connection with God and that which conveys an urging to growth toward the higher self, it is aligned with God’s will for the world.

We can understand Son of Man as a man, or part of a man’s psyche, aligned with God and moving himself and others toward wholeness and the Kingdom.


ZACCHAEUS MEETS THE SON OF MAN (Bible Hub, pg.138  – Lk.19:1-10)

What is the function of Son of Man here? – to seek and save the lost


THE SON OF MAN MUST SUFFER (Bible Hub, pg.86   – Mk.8:31-33 and parallels)

What quality do we learn here about the Son of Man? – he must suffer and be rejected by institutions

Why do you think this is true? he stands against the institutions and the crowd, he challenges them, ‘rubbing them the wrong way.’ 


SON OF MAN and the KINGDOM OF GOD (Mt.13:37-43)

What are the qualities of Son of Man? sower of good seed, apocalyptic judge at the end time

What happens to the weeds? The wheat? the weeds are burnt, the wheat is harvested. 



What is the role of the Son of Man here? judge, king, divider

How do you feel about the apocalyptic Son of Man? a fantasy; not related to the Son of Man of which Jesus spoke

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