Week 2

Quote: “The ‘yes’ to fusion in ourselves can, and must, outweigh the fission activity. But all our attention is continually needed, otherwise we and the world are defeated.” (Elizabeth Howes)

Luke 4:1-13 and parallels

What is a wilderness?

With what kind of issues does Jesus grapple?

What is Jesus’ response? 

What is the relationship of the Spirit to Satan?

What is the relationship of this incident to last week’s, the Tree/Fruit?

What is this encounter pushing for?  What was the serpent pushing for?

Matthew 12:22-45 and parallels

Who were the Scribes?

What are they saying about Beelzebub in relation to Jesus?

How does Jesus respond (v.25-29)?

What is Jesus’ source?

What is it the Scribes are doing as implied by Jesus in v. 31?

What is the consequence? 

What are the Scribes doing that cannot be forgiven?

What is it to be without forgiveness?

Luke 12:1-12

What is the situation described? 

What is the possibility given?

**Write: Describe a situation, alive now or soon, where you are in danger of losing your authority over your life to an outer authority.

**Mime: being in the presence of that outer authority.

**Mime: being in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

**Write: your experience of the two mimes and anything you learned.

Images of Judgment

Ponder the following pictures of judgment from the Sistine Chapel

ITALY – JANUARY 21: Part of the artwork of Michelangelo that adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, Italy. (Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images)
Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508 12 Expulsion of Adam And Eve From The Garden of Eden Painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti; Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508 12 Expulsion of Adam And Eve From The Garden of Eden Art Print for sale

How do these affect you?

What has happened to enable us to deal with it?

Rodin’s “Gates of Hell”

The Prodigal Son (Fugitive love)

How does this affect you?

What do you see?

What are the differences between this and the pictures of judgment from the Sistine Chapel?

Rodan’s intention was to have Adam and Eve on each side of the gates. The Prodigal is called “Fugitive Love”

What is the role of Adam and Eve?

What does the Prodigal add?

What does Lk. 12:57 add?

Matthew 11:2-30

What is the question brought to Jesus by John’s disciples (v.3)?

What does this question come out of?

What are the people longing for?

What are the images that describe the messianic expectation?

How does Jesus respond?

Where do the Old Testament words come from?

What do you make of Jesus response?  Put it your own words

Restate the last part of v. 6 so that it makes sense to you.

With reference to the Portals of Judgment, what might be said about finding occasions of stumbling in Jesus?

Mark 8:27-30

What is Jesus’ question to the disciples?

What is the response?

What are they not saying?

And then what does Jesus ask?

Why might Jesus be asking them?

What would Jesus answer for himself?

What is Peter’s answer?

What might he mean by that?

What are his hopes?

Where in the psyche does this come from?

Put your hands on your body where the longing comes from.

What does it feel like?

What does it do to have your hands there?

What does Jesus say in v.30? 


Why does he not deny it?

Why does he not affirm it?

What is happening here with regard to Jesus’ relationship with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

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