An ‘Assets Test’


In the process of transition, recognising the assets of the church is of importance, because these are the foundation stones for building upon.  There is much more to be gained by building upon assets than by trying to strengthen weaknesses.

In a recent gathering of the pastoral visitors, discussion yielded some general agreement amidst a variety of responses to a questionnaire.

The participants perceived church members as different from non-church people in terms of what one looks for in life and how various issues are prioritised and dealt with.

They agreed that the church was more comfortable than challenging, its members friendly and mutually supportive, but a bit frightened of commitment.

They were unsure of the degree that the church promotes deepening faith and providing direction, but there was a strong agreement that more emphasis should be placed on gathering in small groups, e.g. Bible study groups, prayer groups, social groups, etc.

The assets of church clearly included the dedication of its members and a concern with outreach, with some support for its future orientation and openness to new ideas.

Eventually all members will have the opportunity to discuss the state of the church and its future direction in small groups organised by the pastoral visitors, and so this page will expand as information is collected.

The above comments do not include the writer’s opinions, but are distillations of comments made by the members of the church.