Rev. Bob Thomas, B.Sc, B.Th, B.Litt. (Hons), just can’t stay retired. Having retired twice (2001 & 2011), he is now back at age 72 for a one-year placement at Leopold as an I.I.M. (Intentional Interim Minister).

Ordained in 1980, Bob has mixed high school (Maryborough High) and university (Deakin) chaplaincies among his parish placements at Maryborough, Southern (Mornington) Peninsula, Belmont, and the Southern Highlands of NSW (Bowral). He also served the United Methodist Church and the United Churches of Christ on a Seneca Indian reservation at Salamanca,NY, USA for a couple years (after his first retirement).

Bob regards his role of grandfather to eight as too important to allow him to work full time, but he has accepted 7-tenths of a full-time placement (3 days plus Sunday) to devote to the work of ‘transitional’ ministry, i.e. helping the Leopold congregation decide upon the kind of church it wants to be in the future and hence, the kind of minister that will best help them from January 2019.

Theologically, Bob is where he believes all theologians should be: on the borders of heresy, for here one finds the growing edge of our understanding about that concept we call G-O-D.  He tries to bring a casual, friendly atmosphere to worship while, at the same time, raising questions that encourage individual seeking

Given that the ordained ministry is often a later-in-life choice, Bob hasn’t always been a ‘man of the cloth.’  He started his working life as an engineer with General Electric’s Aerospace Division, and made his move to theology while the Quality Manager of Mars (Australia) in 1978, making him a member of the first class of students for ministry in the Uniting Church in Australia. One his workmates, upon hearing of his impending move into the ‘ministry,’ responded, “Wow! What portfolio?” .

His blog on this website will be active as, through challenge and provocation and even a bit of humour, Bob attempts to get people to ponder, wonder and imagine what life means for us all.

You will find Bob in the church office from 11:30am to 1:30pm on most Tuesdays and Fridays, and of course he may be contacted at any time by phone on 0414 266 645, by email at or by ‘snail’ mail at P.O. Box 176, Drysdale  3222.

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