Geelong Kokoda Youth Program

Geelong Kokoda Youth Program

The Geelong Kokoda Youth Program, run by the Geelong Police in conjunction with local secondary schools, is an early intervention program to assist young people re-engage with school, and break the current pattern of anti-social behaviour. It also provides an opportunity for police and local business people to be more involved as positive role models for young people who have had (or potentially will have) contact with police. It is strongly supported by the Lions Club of Leopold and the Leopold Uniting Church.

The program gives us the opportunity to be part of an experience that has the potential to bring about a change in the behaviour of a young person through this positive involvement.

Kokoda Youth

The 2013 group at the conclusion of the track, including the Papua New Guinea guides who assist along the way.

The Geelong Kokoda Program includes an extensive training program that exposes the young people to positive experiences, including a meeting with a Kokoda veteran, which drive their preparation for walking the Kokoda Track. As part of the program, the young people take part in a ‘Pay it Forward’ charity initiative, in which they raise funds or acquire school equipment for a school in Port Moresby. This gives the young people the experience of doing something charitable for people in need.

Leopold has been working with the program since its Geelong inception in 2013. Each year we have ensured the involvement of at least one deserving young person by raising the funds necessary for their involvement.

For more information refer to this document m65303_v1_geelong-youth-kokoda-program-info-2014-2