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The “F” Word

Playing the ‘Fear’ Card When I was back in the US a few years ago, there was a TV commercial that portrayed one’s bed as a grey, bubbling, seething pool… Read more »

What’s in a Name?

There is much that is good about names.  Mine identifies me as an individual; one with feelings, thoughts, talents, flaws; i.e. much like any other human being, yet different, unique. … Read more »

The Gospel and Politics

Is preaching the gospel compatible with a discussion of politics?  There are some who think not; indeed, who even get rather worked up about it, especially politicians. However, even a… Read more »

Growth or Prosperity

I can still hear the deafening silence in a study group at my last church when I said that economic growth was neither desirable nor necessary. Before the discussion could continue,… Read more »

Easter Surprise

In contrast to a lot of the comments by journalists on the subject of Easter, this one by Elizabeth Farrelly is surprisingly well-researched. Return to Bob’s-Eye View Index

Death Trilogy

Given the centrality of the Good Friday/ Easter event in the church, the movement from life to death to life brings with it a renewed consciousness of an old companion;… Read more »