About Us

There are some aspects of Leopold Uniting Church that make it like so many other Uniting Church congregations; i.e. a bunch of really nice, friendly, accepting people, most of whom are retired from paid work, but certainly not retired from serving the community.  The congregation is small enough so that it is possible to know everyone’s name, and for everyone to know yours, but not so small that there are not enough people to do the work of the church.  The worship is always Bible-based and the form is traditional, with forays into the non-traditional from time to time, but the themes that are developed are often anything but traditional. There is significant lay participation in the planning and leading of Sunday services, and the singing is better than average.  The theological views of its members range from orthodox to radical, but they all sit comfortably together; indeed, it would be very surprising if someone was ever made to feel ill-at-ease or unwelcome. Calling the congregation a big family is a cliche, but cliche or not, it is accurate.

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